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Featured Whitepapers

Optimizing Apps as part of the overall Customer...
This white paper outlines the importance of embedding App development not only...
Drive Personal Relevance And Business Results With...
The road to personalization is often bumpy, filled with challenges and missteps. To...
Optimizing Business Performance
This white paper outlines the importance of moving away from tactical improvements...
Do you really know your high value customers online?
Get insights into how leading brands are identifying their high value online...

Featured eBooks

Personalization Playbook
Personalization is the bridge between what customers expect and what businesses...
Best Practices in B2B Website Testing and Optimization
Best Practices from B2B companies like IBM Accenture and AT&T
Four Routes to a Winning Booking Funnel
Best Practices in Travel Website Testing and Optimization, Part 3
Four Routes to a Winning Search Experience
Best Practices in Travel Website Testing and Optimization, Part 2

On Demand Webinars

The CXO Journey: From Theory to Practice
VP of Product, Jessy Schoss explains how to transform cxo from theory to practice.
No Missed Opportunities! A Balanced Approach to...
Maxymiser’s VP of Client Services, Jared Polidoro, will discuss how innovators in...
Raising the eCommerce Bar: How Improves...
Featuring Brady Corp’s Digital Conversion Manager, Gwen Lafleur to hear how they...
To A/B or Multivariate Test? That is the Question!
Trudi Miller, PhD, Technical Trainer at Maxymiser was the speaker.

Featured Blog Articles

Serving the Market: A Piece of the Segmentation Pie
Knowing your audience is not a new marketing concept. From television to print, it's...
Optimizing for Risk Mitigation not just Conversion
From retailers to gaming companies, travel firms to banks, online failure is now...
How to Test Your On-Page Video Content
Consumers may be watching far less television, but they're watching a great deal...
Follow the Money
In the drive for online subscriptions and new advertising streams, mobile is without...
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