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Test and discover what works and what converts.

Strategic, continuous testing and targeting with MaxTest.

Our solution is the most comprehensive in the industry. MaxTest allows you to flexibly launch A/B and multivariate testing and segment traffic so each user can experience any number of variants throughout the sales funnel. You’ll improve the customer journey every step of the way, and you’ll ultimately discover key trigger points that drive transactions and revenue.

You’ll get clear, detailed analytics for all your initiatives, so you’ll know when and where to take action. And, as you gain these insights, new opportunities will emerge for future testing across the most strategic areas of your site – including secured checkouts, pricing and customized funnels.

Testing and targeting at your fingertips with our easy-to-use visual editor.

Technology shouldn’t stand in the way of you executing your concepts – no matter how simple or sophisticated. That’s why Oracle Maxymiser offers an intuitive interface designed to work on top of modern website designs such as AJAX, Responsive Design or Single-Page Applications. You’ll be able to design, tweak, QA, and launch your tests as often as you’d like, and without compromising on functionality.

Scope the entire journey. Across all data sources.

Pull in customer data from any marketing platform and third-party business sources and then combine it with Oracle Maxymiser’s rich session data to build a complete picture of your customer base. The data carries across their entire lifecycle, so you’ll be armed with the right business intelligence to focus on the most profitable opportunities.

Rules-based targeting to take your first step towards Personalization.

Not all customers are created equal. Some are inclined to transact with your brand more than others. Our testing solution lets you target the high-value visitors with relevant messages and content.

Oracle Maxymiser provides what you need to go beyond simple A/B and multivariate testing and tailor specific, personalized customer experiences on the fly. 

Designed for the enterprise. (And the smaller guys too).

Our platform gives high-volume enterprises like Epson, HSBC and Virgin Media the scale and security they need for billions of transactions a month. We’re built for serious business, yet we understand that big businesses started out small too. That’s why we offer two tiers of MaxTest: Enterprise and Express. 

MaxTest Enterprise is the industry-leading solution with the most robust testing capabilities. And if you’re not ready to fully dive into the deep end, we’re happy to help with the Express version of our testing and targeting product.

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