A/B & Multivariate Testing Solution | Maxymiser

The only platform that can test the entire multi-channel customer journey

From simple A/B(n) tests to sophisticated Multivariate tests

From clicks and conversions to multi-page purchase funnel and price elasticity tests that optimize profitability across the entire visitor journey and drive significant business impact.

From optimizing usability to understanding the role each unique device plays in your brand's omni-channel strategy.

From determining a single winner in a simple A/B test to establishing different winning experiences for unique customer micro-segments to generate additional uplift and revenue.

Quickly and easily create impactful tests

Build and launch tests on any public or secure page of your site with no dependence on your IT team by deploying, onetime, one line of code and following a simple four step visual editing process.

With Maxymiser you can test on any site (desktop, mobile, tablet, within native Apps) to determine the optimal experience for users with different objectives and needs.

Get robust campaign data that provides clarity into the best performing online experiences. The application of rigorous statistical methodologies ensures the validity of the data giving you absolute confidence in the results.

Get the most value from each test

Achieve the highest possible uplift and accelerate tests by automatically identifying and removing poor performing variants from active campaigns.

Gain powerful customer insights which can be automatically applied to segmentation, offers, product recommendations and personalization campaigns making them more relevant and impactful.

A unified approach to customer experience optimization directly connects testing, insights and personalization driving the most powerful business outcomes.

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