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Deliver true one-to-one personalization with quantifiable results

The right message at the right time

Leverage real-time predictive analytics combined with unique customer profiles to deliver engaging experiences and journeys tailored to each individual visitor in the blink of an eye.

Make smart cross-sell and up-sell offers and recommendations based on where a visitor is in the buying journey, their unique customer profiles and behavior. Leverage data from any external source to make them even more powerful.

Deliver a personalized omni-channel experience with consistency across all touchpoints. Deliver relevancy based on the device type your customers are using at the time.

Relevance that delivers results

Maxymiser automatically builds a unique customer profile for every online visitor based on in session data, behavioral data, industry and client specific data, historic data, CRM data, DMP and other 3rd party data. Over time we collect more and more information about each visitors which enables our personalization algorithms to predict with increasing accuracy the optimium tailored experience for each individual visitor.

Our completely revolutionary automated personalization algorithms mine visitor and behavioral data and allow you to precisely target the optimal journeys and offers to every individual prospect and customer with a simple press of a button.

Know how, when and why to personalize

Effective personalization requires a strategic approach. Maxymiser enables you to personalize using business rules targeting, segment and persona targeting, behavioural targeting and product recommendations: whatever is appropriate for each campaign and your business goals.

The unified nature of Maxymiser’s platform enables our clients to seamlessly leverage the results and insight from testing to deliver the most relevant one-to-one experiences possible to drive tangible increases in business performance; not just the theoretical uplift in some arbitrary conversion rate common with so many ‘personalization’ efforts.

The overall quality of a personalized experience, not just the content is critical to success. Rest assured Maxymiser's class-leading OneTouch network will deliver individual experiences to your visitors' browser with zero discernible latency and image flicker.

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