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Treat your customers like friends with Personalization.

Walk alongside your customers with MaxEngage and MaxRecommend.

With the appropriate data and the right personalization solution, you can know what your visitors like and need in real time. You’ll know the who, what, when, how and where of personalization. Dynamically and seamlessly engage your audience with every visit to your site and app. All the while, you’re boosting upsell and cross-sell opportunities without alienating the brand relationship.

Built for the modern marketer.

Our solutions are designed for marketers to take on personalization without the costs of technical resources. Its hands-on control to build creative content that will trigger engagement throughout the funnel: stand out from competition by displaying a message to net new visitors about why your brand is unique; or reduce cart abandonment by triggering pop-ups to visitors who don’t finalize their purchase. The possibilities are endless. And the result? Your ROI just got a bump!

Real-time, dynamic recommendations

As your customers browse and shop on your site or app, their actions drive future decisions. Our self-learning, predictive Personalization algorithm reacts and responds to their behavior in real-time to deliver a more streamlined sales funnel. And when you’re able to test how, when and where your product and content recommendations should be displayed, you’ll be generating more upsell and cross-sell opportunities to boost your average order value than ever before.

Personalization initiatives driven by data.

Customer data is what drives your marketing initiatives. And it may be living in more than one place…

That’s why Oracle Maxymiser can easily ingest any type of data from your CRM, DMP, Web Analytics, Social Analytics or any other third-party feed you might be using. It may be data points or entire profiles that you’ve already built. You’ll be able to import it into our platform and start using it for all your testing and personalization campaigns.

Leave your code alone.

No need to stress your IT team. It takes just a single line of code on your site—a one-time deployment which never needs to be touched again—to get you up and running with robust testing, targeting and Personalization algorithms. All this on top of the industry-leading Optimization platform.

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