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Cookie Policy

One of the biggest challenges of designing a great website is that you rarely get to meet the customers. At Maxymiser we help brands improve the way they serve customers online, just like your cafe around the corner gets to know what you like.

Maxymiser is the global expert in multivariate testing, personalisation and optimisation solutions. We help websites comply with the most recent European privacy regulations. The security of our technology has been rewarded with an ISO 27001-2005 certification.

Our technology uses testing methodologies along with personalisation to help the people who run those sites design and improve your online experience.

A cookie is a small file containing a combination of letters and numbers that is stored on your computer by your web browser and is a key to how most web sites work.

To make websites more aware of your needs when browsing their site, cookies are used to distinguish you from other users by assigning you an ID.

The cookies that Maxymiser uses are known as “first party cookies” and are classified as “analytical cookies”.

They allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors to see how visitors browse around the site. People running the sites can then understand things that don’t work well and find better ways to serve you.

We’re really serious about your security

Maxymiser never shares data or observations with anyone outside of the website owner and the data is used at an aggregated level so it does not and is never used to identify you.

We don’t work in the online advertising industry that uses ‘third party cookies’. We only work on web sites – so for instance we do not generate pop-up adverts or adverts (re) targeting you on third party websites.

Opting out of tracking cookies
To opt out of being tracked by Maxymiser's tracking code, click here.

You can find below more information about each individual cookie and how to recognise them:

Contains cookies that are used to store anonymous identifiers. They enable the optimisation platform to remember a visitor and to serve them with the appropriate content while ensuring a fast load of the web page. is indexed; this means when is full, a new cookie is created to contain the information that couldn’t be stored in the initial cookie.


This cookie is used by the platform as a test to see whether or not browser settings allow cookies to be set on the end-user machine.  

This cookie contains information about the Maxymiser tools that are enabled, for example, QA Tool. is indexed; this means when is full, a new cookie is created to contain the information that couldn’t be stored in the initial cookie.


Sometimes we need to create a custom cookie to deliver particular functionality on the website. When we do this we prefix them with mm_ , so you know it’s us.

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