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Maxymiser understands that enterprises prefer a best-of-breed approach when it comes to implementing technology in their organizations. This is why we’ve teamed up with partners offering leading technology and innovative strategic services to create the most advanced set of solutions and services available to optimize the customer experience. Maxymiser Connect is our partner community where you’ll find a wide range of partner solutions, from social commerce to email marketing or web analytics to strategic services organizations. This diverse partner community gives Maxymiser customers a competitive advantage in the market, offering easy integration to create a custom solution that can optimize the customer experience.

Maxymiser Connect Portal

If you’d like to learn more about Maxymiser’s Technology, Integrations and details of how we work with selected partners, or even sign up for training at the Maxymiser Academy, visit our Connect Portal. You’ll can find lots of useful technical information, you can subscribe to RSS update feeds and get help from our global teams of experts.


Partner Types

Technology Partners

Technology partners offer leading edge technology solutions that complement and integrate with Maxymiser solutions. Technology partners understand Maxymiser solutions and make recommendations to their clients, which provides additional revenue for each partner through referrals. To become a Technology Partner click here.

Agency and Service Partners

Agency and Service partners offer an array of services that leverage Maxymiser’s solutions, and complement the Maxymiser Advantage services methodology. Agency and Service partners offer services from strategy and design through technical implementation to drive superior customer experiences for their clients. To become an Agency and Service Partner click here.

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