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Maxymiser Announces Details of its Second Customer Success Symposium of 2015
Maxymiser has announced the agenda for its bi-annual Customer Success Symposium. The speakers, including representatives from Standard Life, Clarks and American Express. 
Three pillars of optimisation
Telcos continue to wrestle with the challenge of two highly distinct visitors: existing and prospective customers — both of which have completely different needs and expectations when arriving on a website.
Maxymiser aims for enhanced cross-channel experience with new API update
Maxymiser, customer experience optimization team has announced major developments to its optimisation suite with its latest API update - Campaign Design AP. 
Maxymiser Annouced as a Retail Systems Awards Finalist
We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Online Technology Vendor of the Year Award in the Retail Systems Awards 2015.
Maxymiser boosts product extensions with 9.1 update
Maxymiser has announced a set of further extensions to its optimization suite with update 9.1. 


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