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Why can only 4.6% of Marketers Identify Winning Web Content by Eye?

Research survey by Maxymiser demonstrates that marketers cannot rely on guesswork to determine web content if they are to maximise online sales

New research by online content optimisation expert, Maxymiser, has found that only 4.6% of marketers were able to correctly guess the best performing web content from an A/B/C/D test. The findings highlight the fact that marketers are unable to rely on gut feel to ascertain the best web content to drive the highest conversions.

Of 452 marketers who had a go at guessing the best performing content from an A/B/C/D test, only 21 people were able to identify the winning web content. Commenting on the results, Mark Simpson, Managing Director of Maxymiser, says, “Some preconceptions of what works well online must be guiding marketers’ decision-making processes as the results of this study are so far below even what random selection would produce. We don’t know what those preconceptions are but it would appear that they get in the way of selecting the best content and page layouts online.”

Simpson continues, “The results of this research highlight the value of making content decisions based on live visitor feedback over and above less empirical approaches. Indeed, the client we ran this test with actually benefitted from an 11% uplift in click-throughs as a result of implementing the winning content based on the response of live visitors.”

Many companies have spent vast fortunes honing and tweaking their web sites yet it is often the smallest and least obvious details that make the difference between conversion and abandonment. The need for subtle modifications is unlikely to come out of the traditional approach to web site redesign – which involves closed-door meetings of a company’s key strategists and web designers. It will only come to light following live testing with actual web site visitors.

Simpson explains, “Preconceptions run deep, it was the default page that over 60% of respondents selected as the likely winner, which had a lot of text and looks rather more complex at first sight. We frequently see cases where reducing the amount of text on a page leads to a significant increase in performance.”

Simpson concludes, “Ultimately, it should be the customers themselves who design your web site, based on the live choices they make on your pages. A truly personalised web experience will be one which offers customers web page layouts, sequences and content that have been dynamically put together based on that user’s demonstrated preferences. The average uplift in conversion following regular testing and small iterative improvements has shown itself to be in the region of 34-35%, which could have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line.”


The winning variant (variant 3)


The default variant (variant 4)

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