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A Custom Website for Every Customer

Let’s face it: it’s noisy out there. Consumers are overwhelmed
daily with multiple emails, ads, and offers. Unless you make
strides to tailor their experiences to their exact needs — on
an individual basis — you’re just another choice in a vast sea
of competition.

It hasn’t been easy for ecommerce teams to get up close
and personal — not for the masses, anyways. Sure, product
recommendations have become popular to ‘‘personalize”
shopping, but they don’t speak to the individual in real-time.

Whether it’s segmenting and targeting group behaviors,
or providing automated one-to-one tailored experiences,
Maxymiser’s personalization suite is the answer.

Why personalize?

Consumers are complex, and demographics, geographies, and psycho-graphics all affect purchase decisions.

People expect relevant content off the bat — it’s a streamlined way to increase AOV and retention.

Rules-based targeting won’t help you when you’re trying to reach millions — automation will help you get to each and every visitor.