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Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is a web page presented to a visitor usually after clicking on a pay per click ad, email campaign, or other ad displayed on a website. The objective of the landing page is to convert the visitor, giving enough information to take the visitor from showing interest in an ad to making a sale or to capture a lead.

Landing page optimization is a process to improve the results of landing pages to convert the visitor, making a sale or capturing a lead. The following are ways to optimize a landing page:

  • Multivariate Testing (MVT) – with MVT different landing page content is dynamically served to visitors to determine the combination that yields the highest conversion rates.
  • Segmentation and Targeting – Identifies an extensive set of visitor attributes such as search keywords entered, traffic sources, or current or past online browsing behavior, and maps the visitor attributes to the experience that yields a better conversion rate. Visitor attributes can be combined with offline customer criteria, such as products held or propensity scores.  You can segment and target visitors with the combination that yields the best result for that segment.
  • Recommended Products – Using the results with other visitors is used to drive product recommendations for the next visitor. Often referred to as collaborative filtering, the approach is to apply a model, such as visitors who viewed this product bought these products, to populate a recommendations section of a landing page.
  • Predictive Models – The ultimate extension of Segmentation and Targeting where an automated model takes into account all the attributes of each individual visitor to identify content that is highly relevant for visitor and populate it within a section of a landing page. Example content is an offer or the next best action for that visitor to take.

Each of the above cases can be applied together and individually monitored to determine their impact on conversion metrics, such as number of sales, order sizes, revenue per visitor, clicks to view or download and capture lead metrics.