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Recruitment website publisher doubles vacancy searches using Maxymiser Technology

Maxymiser enables Top Appointments Limited to determine which web content will help to increase vacancy searches and applications

Top Appointments Limited, one of the UK’s leading digital publishers of recruitment web sites focused on IT and management consultancy, has doubled vacancy searches by using online content optimisation technology from Maxymiser.

Top Appointments Limited operates a number of job boards focussed on management consulting, IT consulting and executive recruitment. These include, and Maxymiser was enlisted to deliver a significant increase in Return on Investment from acquisition spend by discovering content that would more effectively drive searches and subsequent vacancy applications.

The homepage was identified as the start point for optimisation with the aim of driving more visitors deeper into the site through search and click-through actions. Elements varied across the tested pages included the presentation of calls to action, the layout of vacancy information and the colour scheme used throughout the design.

The winning page drove an 11% increase in visitors clicking on a vacancy and a 160% increase in visitors performing a search against the control page.
Commenting on the results, Paul Chantry, Director of Top Appointments, says, “Maxymiser were able to show in a highly measurable way that by improving the layout and calls to action on our site, it was possible to create some astonishing improvements in performance.”

Chantry continues, “By making subtle changes to content and layout we significantly increased the click-through rate of visitors viewing vacancy details, and this subsequently resulted in a significant increase in applications, reducing our cost per acquisition and improving advertiser satisfaction. We are now testing and improving acquisition points across all our online properties.”


Before Using Maxymiser


After Using Maxymiser

About Maxymiser

Maxymiser Onsite Marketing enables organisations to manage their conversion metrics and increase the effectiveness of any website’s content and design to deliver key metrics such as sales and click through rates. Maxymiser gives clear statistical proof of what content and designs work most successfully in converting site visitors and those which fail to do so, enabling marketers to refine content and design to deliver increasing ROI. Maxymiser’s solutions include Content MVT for multivariate testing, Content Delta for advanced visitor segmentation and Content BT for onsite behavioural targeting. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is the leading European provider of Onsite Marketing solutions, serving over 60 clients and partnering with many industry leading organisations.