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One Line of Code,
Multiple Solutions

For years, marketers have had to lean on their IT department
to implement, deploy and manage online testing and
personalization solutions.

Not anymore.

Every Maxymiser solution can be instantly turned on via our
OneTouch™ Network. By placing a single line of
JavaScript Code on your site, we eliminate the hidden costs
and hours normally associated with web development cycles.
Basically, we’ve decoupled all future testing and website
personalization campaigns from lengthy code changes.

OneTouch Network
Why OneTouch™?
Evolve your website

Evolve your website at your leisure: no more rigid code release schedules.

That’s right. Every campaign you run with Maxymiser is coded “behind the scenes” and then launched via the OneTouch™ Network. Leave your web developers alone and say hello to more conversions.

Deploy any testing

Keep up with savvy consumers: deploy any testing or personalization campaign at anytime.

Because you are in the driver’s seat of launching your tests, you’ll be able to get them ready just in time for a peak season, holiday or otherwise important campaign. It’s all in your hands.

Reduce the total cost

Reduce the total cost of owning a testing and personalization platform.

Think about how much time and resources your IT and web teams cost. By only asking for a code change once, OneTouch™ reduces the strain on those resources, so they can focus on other parts of the business.