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Dynamic Experiences Tailored to each Individual

Websites that deliver highly personalized visitor experiences top the traffic—and revenue—rankings across the globe. However, to-date, product recommendations have been the only widely used forms of website ‘‘personalization”. But, true personalization—discovering each customer’s known interests and needs on an individual level—gives a much more powerful platform from which to optimize content and offers, a vital key to long-term brand engagement and loyalty.

Maxymiser’s personalization suite is the answer to obtaining true website personalization. So if you’re ready to give your consumer experience and online revenue a boost, read on.

Consumers are a mixed bag of personality, demographics, geographies, and psycho-graphics. Factor in their environment and how they have interacted with your brand in the past, and their individual profile becomes much more complex. Fortunately, Maxymiser’s revolutionary personalization suite is a simple solution that provides:

  • Increases in customer engagement and conversion rates
  • Improved brand retention, loyalty and customer lifetime values
  • Increased revenue per visit and cart sizes
  • Enhanced promotional campaign ROI
  • Deep visitor insight for refining future online and offline marketing campaigns

And with Maxymiser’s OneTouch™ Network you can quickly deploy advanced personalization solutions as you need to.

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