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Online Gaming Business Brings Maxymiser to the Party

PartyGaming teams up with online conversion management specialist Maxymiser to test its web content in real time and reduce the risk of making the wrong changes.

PartyGaming, the world’s leading listed online gaming business, has partnered with Maxymiser, the online conversion management specialist, to increase the number of visitors to the site and improve conversion uplift. Working with Maxymiser, PartyGaming is able to apply multivariate testing (MVT) methods to individual pages of its website in order to identify the best performing content, whilst removing the risk and subjectivity from website development. Within four months of working with Maxymiser, this has already resulted in an increase in completed downloads on the PartyCasino section of the website.

Offering a variety of poker and casino offerings through an integrated Party-branded platform, PartyGaming provides a broad range of games to adults across the world, using a variety of languages and multiple currency options. The company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since June 2005, and is regulated and licensed by the Government of Gibraltar. ParyGaming has recently merged with Austrian internet betting group Bwin to create the world’s largest online gaming business.

Prior to working with Maxymiser, PartyGaming was using a combination of home-grown tools and systems to analyse its website conversions. Nick Fleetwood, Optimisation Analyst at PartyGaming, explains, “As a business, we had always relied on our own in-house tools and mechanisms that we had developed over the years to manage our online conversion strategy. However, we recognised that there were specific areas of our campaign where we lacked the internal skills to effectively test and analyse the website. As we had previously worked with Maxymiser, we knew that they had the specialist expertise and technical knowledge to implement an effective MVT strategy that would provide us with an objective view of our website performance, whilst also enabling us to evolve the site based on scientific evidence.”

Fleetwood adds, “We evaluated a number of different suppliers, but Maxymiser stood out as the best partner because of their proven track record and 100% focus on the conversion management sector. The combination of Maxymiser’s technical expertise, strategic knowledge, account management and market leading technology, is very impressive and really made Maxymiser stand out from the crowd.”

Fleetwood continues, “We are currently working closely with Maxymiser to test specific pages of our website, including the home page, in order to optimise our conversion funnel from acquisition to registration and deposit. A key benefit of the Maxymiser proposition is that it provides an end to end solution, from creative and analytical services, to implementation and project management. A major advantage is that there was very little needed from our side in order to start the testing process, as the solution was very simple to implement and has been very straight-forward to use across all our domains. We did look at other agencies in this space, however, none were able to meet our requirements and provide the deliverables we needed to the same degree as Maxymiser.”

Commenting on the overall business objectives of implementing a conversion management programme with Maxymiser, Fleetwood says, “Our main objective is for optimisation to become part of the culture of our business, and become a key element of our processes for putting content onto the website. By constantly testing our site we can ensure that any changes we make to the content and layout of pages are the correct ones, and that every change carries with it uplift in overall conversion. This removes the need to make changes to website content based on gut-feeling. With Maxymiser we have ensured that website development is always confirmed by the facts of increasing our conversion rate.”

Fleetwood concludes, ““A natural by-product of using Maxymiser is that with every test we enhance our knowledge regarding what colours, copy and design elements our visitors respond to most positively. These design rules then feed back into further tests to ensure that each and every test evolves both the understanding we have of our customer’s usability needs and our site’s overall conversion rate.”

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager of Maxymiser comments, “It is great to see that the large name gaming websites are embracing the benefits of testing, and incorporating conversion management into their website development strategies. By testing hundreds of slightly different versions of web pages in a live environment, PartyGaming is allowing its customers to determine website content – and after all who is better placed to tell you what content is most effective than the customers themselves.”