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Maxymiser Releases New eBook: Turn Browsers Into Buyers: The Marketer’s Guide to Creating the Ultimate Online Customer Experience

Maxymiser, the global expert in multivariate testing, personalization and optimization solutions, today announced the release of its free eBook, “Turn Browsers Into Buyers: The Marketer’s Guide to Creating the Ultimate Online Customer Experience.” The eBook, part 1 of an ongoing series to be released by Maxymiser over the coming months, pairs common sense concepts with relevant research and Maxymiser’s own in-the-trenches insight on conversion rate optimization, offering readers tools they can actually apply to their websites and landing pages in order to create the best possible online experience for their customers. The eBook is available for download on the Maxymiser website.

“On average, online retailers and marketers have just four to seven seconds to connect with site visitors. At Maxymiser, we help each client achieve optimal customer conversion rates and maximize marketing ROI by testing and personalizing web and mobile sites, and instilling a culture of conversion optimization in their business. We feel customer experience optimization is something all marketers need to master, in order to compete in this ever-changing ecommerce world,” said Mark Simpson, President and Founder of Maxymiser.

The eBook comes in response to a recent Maxymiser survey of marketers, where 40% cited “converting site visitors into paying customers” as their primary website concern. “Turn Browsers Into Buyers” offers marketers conversion management tools such as:

-How to personalize individual customers’ experiences to increase their loyalty, conversion rates, and number of purchases at checkout.
-Why conversion optimization isn’t just a complement to SEO and SEM; it’s actually a way to augment the value of these efforts.
-How to become the internal cheerleader for testing and personalization, and why it’s important to create a culture of testing for all your e-properties.
-How to convert one-off clicks into lifelong customers by using the most effective content and design elements throughout the site.

“Turn Browsers Into Buyers” is available for free download on Maxymiser’s website.