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Maxymiser ‘One Touch’ Enables Marketers to Halve Website Testing Times and Achieve Faster Conversion Uplift

Marketers can now go live with multivariate tests in a matter of days rather than weeks, without needing any intervention from the IT team

Conversion Management expert, Maxymiser, has launched a unique ‘One Touch’ integration methodology which puts control of website testing and optimisation firmly in the hands of marketers, rather than their technical colleagues.

Using One Touch, marketers can now ‘go live’ with multivariate website tests in a matter of days rather than weeks without requiring any technical skills or assistance, which means they can now achieve a much quicker conversion uplift.

Part of Maxymiser’s Conversion Management Platform, One Touch is a very fast and easy way for brands to launch multivariate tests. Instead of marketers having to make numerous requests to their technical team to implement code changes on a per-test basis, there is only a single request at the start of the first test. For each subsequent test, the Maxymiser team carries out all the necessary set-up work ready for final client sign-off, meaning that marketers are no longer constrained by the availability of their IT colleagues to implement website changes.

By eliminating the lengthy integration process which normally involves dealing with multiple pages and high amounts of custom coding, more testing can be achieved in the same timeframe, which enables marketers to start seeing higher uplift more quickly.

Mark Simpson, Founder and Managing Director of Maxymiser, says, “Our One Touch integration methodology is unique in the industry and enables marketers to go live with multivariate tests in half the time it currently takes. With One-Touch our customers are now able to test thousands of slightly different website variations in a live environment in just a matter of days, in order to see which content yields the best results. In contrast our competitors are typically taking several weeks to design and implement tests, so we can offer brands huge time savings and a much better ROI.”

Commenting on the importance of multivariate website testing, Mark Simpson says, “At Maxymiser we believe that the most effective web stores are always works in progress, using real customer behaviour to drive small, iterative improvements on an ongoing basis. This approach not only removes the guesswork, but also the pressure of trying to be perfect first time. There is simply no point in launching a one-size-fits-all, ‘best guesstimate’ web site, which has been polished and perfected before it is launched to the public. Our One-Touch solution allows marketers to be as creative and innovative as they want to be and then, crucially, see if it works by analysing how customers actually navigate and behave on their website.  Based on these results, marketers can then implement web enhancements quickly and easily without having to wait for the next development cycle.”

One Touch Benefits summary

  • Maxymiser integrates with websites more efficiently so marketers can achieve rapid conversion uplift
  • Expedited conversion management programs produce more ROI
  • Cuts the time and effort normally associated with multivariate testing
  • Allows Maxymiser to deal with more dynamic content, faster
  • Multivariate testing can operate independently of website release and refresh schedules
  • Eliminates the burden of multivariate testing from the marketer
  • No technical work needed on a per-test basis – greatly reduces demands on client technical team resource
  • Secure environment maintains review and publishing control with client


About Maxymiser

Maxymiser is the leading global provider of Conversion Management solutions including content optimization and website personalization. With offices in New York, London, Edinburgh and Dusseldorf and a global network of partners, its solutions help brands like ASDA, Santander, and Virgin to analyze, optimize and deliver better performing content across digital channels. By working with Maxymiser, marketers make smarter decisions and deliver more engaging customer experiences. Maxymiser is a rapidly expanding, independent company headquartered Edinburgh and backed by leading Venture Capital investors.