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Maxymiser Launches Dedicated Behavioural Targeting Suite to Personalise Online Experience

Maxymiser, the content optimisation specialist, today announces the launch of its innovative new behavioural targeting suite, the first of its kind in the UK.

Based on the principles of content intelligence and on-demand technology, the behavioural targeting suite will enable organisations to test the success of various components of their websites in real-time and deliver insights into the impact of personalised web content on click-through and conversion rates. In turn, this will enable organisations to refine their sites based on the behaviour of new and returning customers and provide personalised pages to each visitor.

Commenting on the new offering, Mark Simpson, Managing Director at Maxymiser says, “With between 64 and 90% of UK homes expected to be on broadband by the end of 2008 [Source:], both retailers and brands are increasingly turning to the Internet to engage consumers, but to-date organisations have been too heavily focused on optimising search as opposed to the on-site content.”

Simpson continues, “Content intelligence techniques such as multivariate testing and behavioural targeting are not new, but our suite marks the arrival of a new era in which retail marketers can control complex “in store” campaigns without constant technical team involvement. And, as our approach is on-demand and quick to implement, it gives the marketer the capability they need to do their job more effectively.”

As the market leader in content optimisation technology, Maxymiser is unique in providing organisations with a proven solution to increase the effectiveness of their website content and design, in order to deliver key metrics such as conversion and click through rates more effectively. Based on clear statistical proof about which combinations of content and design work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers, Maxymiser enables website owners to refine their websites in real-time to capitalise on strong performing features and remove the less successful elements.

Simpson concludes, “The behavioural targeting suite opens up a major new potential discipline for online retailers to promote sales to existing customers and visitors. By first building relevance by assessing creative against all visitors then improving targeting, organisations will be able to increase the effectiveness of any number of onsite campaigns and deliver real value to both consumers and organisations.”

About Maxymiser

Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is the UK’s leading content optimisation specialist and developer of the first successful European-centred website content optimisation suite. Its products enable organisations to optimise the effectiveness of any website’s content and design to deliver key metrics such as conversion and click through rates more effectively. Maxymiser gives clear statistical proof of those combinations of content and design which work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers and those which fail to do so, enabling website owners to refine content and design to capitalise on previous success and deliver increasing ROI.