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Maxymiser Launches Continuous Optimisation Engine

London – 1 December 2006 – Maxymiser announced today that it was adding to its depth of testing methodologies with the addition of its Continuous Optimisation Engine.

The Continuous Optimisation Engine uses self learning technology to more accurately optimise content while a test is in progress, giving maximum available uplift, while still being as simple to implement as Maxymiser’s other methodologies.

The new solution provides extra levels of flexibility in testing over any system offered to the market today.

The Continuous Optimisation Engine solidifies Maxymiser’s position as the leader in the content testing and optimisation market. With this new solution, Maxymiser now has the widest selection of test methodologies globally so that our clients benefit from the correctly designed optimisation experiments.

About Maxymiser:

Maxymiser is devoted to maximising the success of online businesses by optimising those features of websites that have the greatest impact on key metrics.

Maxymiser uses sophisticated testing to ensure that the decisions taken as to site content and design are based on real results, thereby increasing effectiveness, reducing waste and substantially improving return on online investment.

Maxymiser helps agencies looking for a turnkey solutions across their client base, and website owners looking to improve the ROI from their customer acquisition program.