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Maxymiser improves conversion rates for Datingbridge by 142%

Recent results from DatingBridge’s third optimisation piece of work with Maxymiser have shown a 142% increase in conversion rates, from visitors to the site to final sign-ups for the Dating Serivce.

DatingBridge are mid way through a series of testing with Maxymiser, and have show remarkable results through testing the overall design and layout of their homepage through the solution. Prior optimisation was taken on specific elements on the page to improve the conversion rates of the DatingBridge homepage. The next stage in the evolution of the site was to put the page through a redesign of look, feel, layout and format, while incorporating the successful elements of the previous tests.

The aim of the redesign was to increase conversion rates (registrations to the dating service) and decrease visitors leaving the site. A dramatic increase in conversion rate was seen in only a couple of weeks. One particular variant increase conversion rates by 142% compared with the default content.

Obvious and conclusive results were found from the test. Datingbridge approved the successful variant and implemented it as their main landing page.

Further testing is now underway in other areas of the Datingbridge site.

About Maxymiser:

Maxymiser is devoted to maximising the success of online businesses by optimising those features of websites that have the greatest impact on key metrics.

Maxymiser uses sophisticated testing to ensure that the decisions taken as to site content and design are based on real results, thereby increasing effectiveness, reducing waste and substantially improving return on online investment.

Maxymiser helps agencies looking for a turnkey solutions across their client base, and website owners looking to improve the ROI from their customer acquisition program.

About DatingBridge: is part of an online entertainment solutions provider, with the aim of addressing niche consumer markets in the entertainment sector. The DatingBridge site provides online dating services in the UK.