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Maxymiser Founder and President to lead OMMA Metrics Discussion on How to Use Multivariate Testing to Increase Conversion Rates

Mark Simpson speaking at industry conference on digital metrics and measurement in New York City, March 23, 2011

Maxymiser, the leading global provider of Conversion Management solutions, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, web and mobile personalization, and multichannel marketing, today announced that Mark Simpson, the company’s Founder and President, will lead an panel of industry peers to address how to improve optimization and conversion rates for digital marketing channels at the OMMA Metrics seminar in New York City.

The panel discussion, “Optimizing the Digital Experience: Testing Ads, Landing Pages, Content, and Features to Improve Conversion” will teach marketers and analytics pros how to “test, not guess” and use technologies that exist today, which allow empower them to test various combinations of colors, offers, creative, calls to actions, and other elements of user experience on sites to determine the best “recipe” for improving performance against business and brand goals.

Simpson will share expertise and best practices drawn from hundreds of thousands of successful tests that Maxymiser has performed for global clients such as Time Warner Cable, SONY, Hewlett-Packard and Hertz.

The panel discussion kicks off at 2:15PM EST on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at Sentry Center Midtown East. OMMA Metrics is an OMMA, MediaPost and Judah Phillips event. Those who still wish to register may do so at the event website, here.

About Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson is Founder and President of Maxymiser, the global leader in conversion rate optimization solutions. Mark introduced Maxymiser’s revolutionary OneTouch Conversion Management platform to the market in 2006, and has helped to expand their suite of personalization and optimization tools, which improve website and mobile conversion rates, revenue, and overall brand experience for all commercial industries. He is a thought leader in the conversion optimization marketplace, speaking globally at conferences such as SES: London, Ad:Tech, SMX, and Internet World to name a few, as well as is quoted regularly in the e-commerce and digital marketing press.

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