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Maxymiser Changes How Businesses Implement Digital Conversion Management Programs With the Introduction of Maxymiser 5

Online Marketers and E-Commerce Professionals Can Now Quickly Increase Conversion Rates and Revenue

Global conversion management leader Maxymiser, Inc. today introduced Maxymiser 5, a solutions platform that empowers marketers to continually optimize website content and personalize customer experiences across any digital channel.

“There is nothing else like Maxymiser on the market. Other vendors only offer manual, entry-level tool sets cobbled together through acquisitions, while Maxymiser provides a cohesive, intelligent conversion management platform designed and built for this purpose,” said Scott Gilbert, Director of Digital Optimization for Maxymiser.

Maxymiser 5 delivers a comprehensive conversion management solution, from multivariate testing and behavioral segmentation to website personalization and targeted recommendations that model (at web speed) the best next action/content/journey for each individual user based on all of their attributes. Built on Maxymiser’s OneTouch™ integration solution, which deploys these complex solutions from a single, advanced platform, it allows marketers to begin seeing conversion rate improvements immediately with zero IT involvement – further reducing total cost of ownership.

New product features include:
• A self-serve interface for all solutions, including MaxRECOMMEND™ and MaxPREDICT™ website personalization techniques, which allow marketers to efficiently and rapidly improve revenues and convert visitors by providing the most relevant digital experience
• Extended reporting for deeper visibility into campaigns, including revenue reports that help users understand their ROI, as well as the ability to integrate third-party data into reports
• Interface integration wizards for imported data, including multichannel marketing information for integrated messaging across all channels such as email, call centers, direct mail, mobile, etc.
• Campaign collaboration tools that enable testing, optimization and website personalization to become ingrained into the culture of the organization

“Companies are realizing the business value of digital optimization and website personalization, and forward-thinking industry leaders are already dramatically increasing their conversion rates and revenue as a result,” noted Mark Simpson, Founder and President of Maxymiser. “Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the opportunity a strategic conversion management program provides, and we are committed to helping them put their ideas into action to deliver rapid revenue results.”