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Maxymiser Appoints Scott Gilbert as Director of Digital Optimization

Company Intensifies North American Expansion, Adds Seasoned Website Optimization Expert

Conversion management leader Maxymiser, Inc. continues to increase its North American presence, today announcing the appointment of Scott Gilbert, formerly with Webtrends and Optimost, as Director of Digital Optimization.

“Digital marketers and e-commerce professionals are discovering the value of delivering relevant, personal and, quite simply, better online customer experiences. Maxymiser helps our customers put their vision into practice,” said Mark Simpson, Founder and President of Maxymiser. “Scott is a thought leader in the digital testing and optimization arena, and his addition to our team will help accelerate our North American expansion.”

For more than a decade, Gilbert has played a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of the interactive marketing space — most recently the website digital optimization market. Gilbert will now drive Maxymiser’s North American sales and development strategy, aligning Maxymiser’s conversion management roadmap with the rapidly changing needs of digital marketers as they embrace testing, optimization and website personalization tools. Gilbert’s primary goal is to ensure clients consistently get the best returns on all of their digital marketing spend.

“After working with other vendors in the space, I was blown away by Maxymiser. Its sophistication, flexibility and automated intelligence are years ahead of the competition. It is the only solution that can deliver adaptive digital optimization in real-time,” said Gilbert. “Slow, manual multivariate testing and rules-based targeting tools that have been cobbled together over generations of acquisitions don’t come close to Maxymiser. I look forward to showing the North American digital marketing and e-commerce community how a true multi-channel solution can vastly improve their bottom line.”

Prior to joining Maxymiser, Gilbert supported the global launch of Webtrends Optimize, an entry-level multivariate testing and targeting platform. He previously served as Senior Solutions Consultant at Optimost, one of the first digital optimization technology providers. Gilbert’s digital marketing technology experience extends back to the first “dot com boom,” when he was the professional services practice lead for Verio, a global Internet pioneer.

Gilbert also contributes to the digital optimization community by providing content for multivariate testing, targeting and personalization sites such as and