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Maxymiser Announces 211% Growth Rate

Global Conversion Management Leader Continues Rapid Year-Over-Year Growth

Maxymiser, the global leader of conversion rate management, achieved a 211% growth rate between January 2010 and January 2011. New clients included industry-leading brands such as The Telegraph, Easy Roommate,, Crew Clothing and Kwik Fit Insurance, as ecommerce businesses are increasingly recognizing that conversion rate optimisation and personalisation are critical to online marketing success.

In 2006, Maxymiser was the first company to introduce its revolutionary conversion rate optimisation and integration solutions to the UK market. Now Maxymiser has expanded its business to the US and Germany, has added over 40 new employees in six cities worldwide, and has launched new solutions for personalization and mobile marketing.

Commenting on the company’s strong business performance, Tim Brown, CEO of Maxymiser says, “Maxymiser provides a cohesive, intelligent conversion management platform designed and built from the ground up to help companies increase their business value with digital optimisation and personalization. Forward-thinking industry leaders are dramatically increasing their conversion rates and revenue as a result.”

Brown continues, “Maxymiser has moved the market from viewing testing and optimisation as another marketing tactic, to instituting a culture of optimisation within their organizations, enabling continuous adaption and improvement alongside consumer expectations, while using these key insights and solutions to enhance all aspects of online and offline marketing.”

In 2010, the company released its website personalzsation solutions-enhancing the already comprehensive, proprietary Maxymiser conversion management suite, which also offers A/B/n testing, multivariate testing and segment discovery. The new personalization solutions include MaxPREDICT, which employs advanced, automated behavioral targeting models to dynamically deliver the most enticing experience to each and every site visitor-based on their unique profile and behavior; and MaxRECOMMEND, product and content recommendations based on consumer preferences, viewing, buying and site and behaviors, which increases up-sell and cross-sell revenues.

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In March 2011, Maxymiser introduced MaxMOBILE, a mobile optimization and personalization tool, which enables marketers to perform the same quality multivariate testing, segment targeting and personalization techniques as they do for their web properties, but designed specifically for the small screen mobile environment. Marketers can now enhance their investment in mobile marketing by quickly optimizing and personalizing mobile site content-including site layout, promotions, data-submission forms and any other content that speaks directly to their audience-no matter which mobile device they are using.

Brown concludes, “Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the opportunities a strategic conversion management program provides, and I’m proud to lead a team of experts committed to helping them enhance their digital marketing techniques and deliver rapid revenue and conversion rate improvements.”