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M and M Direct boosts e-commerce sales with Maxymiser’s online conversion management suite

M and M Direct, the UK’s leading online designer outlet, has selected Maxymiser, the global leader in conversion rate optimisation solutions, to conduct A/B and multivariate testing on its popular fashion retail site.  

Prior to working with Maxymiser, many of M and M Direct’s web content and design decisions were made based on subjective opinions. Now, M and M Direct is able to measure live visitor responses, interests and behaviours to determine which site elements have the biggest impact on conversion rates. The company expects to see a direct increase in revenue and improved customer engagement as a result of using Maxymiser.

Like all Maxymiser clients, M and M Direct has felt the advantages of the OneTouch™ integration platform, which allows Maxymiser and M and M Direct to implement and to manage conversion optimisation campaigns, without the need for coding or lengthy update processes from M and M Direct’s IT department. This means low cost of ownership and incredibly fast time to market, allowing the company to stay in-tune with rapidly changing consumer preferences, and ahead of a very competitive market.

Steve Robinson, CEO of M and M Direct, says, “As a business we aim to be a leading e-retailer, and as such we are always looking at the latest and most effective online retail practices. When investigating multivariate testing it was clear to us that we could really benefit from understanding more about our customers and their interaction with our website, and Maxymiser was the ideal partner to deliver this for us.”

Robinson adds, “Prior to working with Maxymiser, many of our web layout decisions were often made based on the subjective opinions of the individuals involved. However, through testing we have been able to implement new layouts based on objective, scientific results, which has produced some really interesting findings.”

For example, the M and M Direct product detail page used to contain a ‘Buy It Now’ button, but testing showed this to be quite an aggressive call to action and to actually have a detrimental impact on the number of customers making purchases. Through trialling a number of combinations, it found that using ‘Add to basket’ produced a far higher conversion rate. “This is something that we would never have known without using Maxymiser”, explains Robinson.

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager of Maxymiser, comments, “It is very encouraging to see organisations such as M and M Direct incorporating conversion management into its online strategy. Now, not only does M and M Direct allow its customers to determine website content, but they are more empowered to target consumers more effectively, while using these insights to improve strategies across their entire business.”