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Lovefilm uses Maxymiser to optimise their website

London – 8th December 2006 – Maxymiser, the leading provider of website testing and optimisation solutions, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Lovefilm, the leading provider of DVD rentals online, to improve the efficiency of its on site content to increase website conversion rates.

“By using Maxymiser to test different variants of content, Lovefilm will increase its holding of the DVD rental market through making their website content more relevant and more effective, raising conversion rates, revenue and profit,” said Mark Simpson, Sales Director for Maxymiser.

“Using Maxymiser we plan to increase the effectiveness of our content. Maxymiser takes the guesswork out of website design, putting statistical data behind decisions. We believe that the cooperation with Maxymiser will show great results, which will allow us to gain a greater market share,“ said William Reeve, COO Lovefilm.

About Maxymiser:

Maxymiser is devoted to maximising the success of online businesses by optimising those features of websites that have the greatest impact on key metrics.

Maxymiser uses sophisticated testing to ensure that the decisions taken as to site content and design are based on real results, thereby increasing effectiveness, reducing waste and substantially improving return on online investment.

Maxymiser helps agencies looking for a turnkey solutions across their client base, and website owners looking to improve the ROI from their customer acquisition program.