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Laterooms Testimonial


LateRooms work with Maxymiser to ensure that the changes they make to content, layout and offers lead to an increase in bookings. Maxymiser is a key part of their process of continual improvement online. Commenting on the engagement, Andrew Pumphrey of LateRooms remarked:

“As operators of one of the leading hotel booking sites in the UK, we wanted to ensure that any changes we made to content, layout and offers would lead to an increase in bookings. We have a fantastic team here but we needed to be sure that our perceptions about what our customers require from our site match what they actually want and will respond to.

Live visitor testing takes the emotion out of website improvement, it tells us exactly what content turns our lookers into bookers and what doesn’t. By continually testing and finding improvements to key pages, we have successfully established a process of continual improvement in conversion rate to booking. Maxymiser’s technology integrated seamlessly alongside our existing site and their managed services team have been invaluable in guiding us towards the most profitable areas to focus on and the variations to test within those.

We are continually looking for ways in which we can improve and Maxymiser gives us the ability to try new ideas without risking what we’ve achieved to date. It is vital that we continue to innovate and improve online to stay ahead of our competition and Maxymiser is a key part of that strategy.“

Andrew Pumphrey, Marketing and Content Director, LateRooms