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Landing Page Optimization Removes Subjectivity from Key Campaign Pages

Landing page optimization using our A/B..n and multivariate testing solutions bring objectivity to marketing decision-making; binding user-experience development to measurable conversion uplift. Maxymiser’s landing page optimisation with multivariate testing replaces subjectivity and guesswork with an iterative method, capable of qualifying which changes should be made based on feedback from all your online traffic. This level of intelligence provides a strategic decision-making process that transforms the way you evolve your website.

Landing page optimization should be viewed only as the start of a full conversion management process. Multivariate testing will deliver significant insight and gains across more than just your landing pages, including (but not limited to) product pages, checkout pages and payment pages.

Website testing framework

Operating in real-time, Maxymiser landing page optimisation is capable of serving thousands of variants of content and structure simultaneously to visitors at your landing pages and measuring each resultant conversion rate. Reports show you how different pages or combinations are performing and once identified, the most effective variation can be presented to all your traffic to increase revenue with considerable benefits.

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