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Elbrus Maxymised

16th June 2008

Elbrus Maxymised

Maxymiser’s founder has taken uplift to heart and scaled Europe’s highest mountain in the name of pushing conversions to the extreme. The Maxymiser flag flies atop the 18,510 ft peak as testimony to the company’s commitment to relentlessly push client performance upwards.

Commenting on the ascent, Bill joked “With many ecommerce websites still at base camp when it comes to conversion rate, they’ve done some of the hard work but the real rewards come from reaching the pinnacle of performance!”.

Mount Elbrus lies in the Caucasus Mountains on the eastern edge of the European continent. First successfully climbed in 1874, the ascent remains a challenge today with the majority of the route covered by snow and ice. Crevasses and steep slopes present a significant danger but with many years of Scottish Munroe bagging to his name, Bill succeeded and made the climb without incident.

The climb has raised £4,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care thanks to the generous donations of staff and friends.

Maxymiser is now firmly established as Europe’s leading content optimisation specialist with its technology currently in use by 65 clients within the region.


About Maxymiser

Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is the UK’s leading content optimisation specialist and developer of the first successful European-centred website content optimisation suite. Its products enable organisations to optimise the effectiveness of any website’s content and design to deliver key metrics such as conversion and click through rates more effectively. Maxymiser gives clear statistical proof of those combinations of content and design which work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers and those which fail to do so, enabling website owners to refine content and design to capitalise on previous success and deliver increasing ROI.