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Charles Tyrwhitt enhances online customer experience with conversion management suite from Maxymiser

Luxury shirt brand boosts online sales and removes the danger of making the wrong decisions about website changes by implementing multivariate testing from Maxymiser

Luxury men’s shirts provider, Charles Tyrwhitt is working with Maxymiser, the global expert in multivariate testing, personalisation and optimisation solutions, to increase its online sales and enhance the shopping experience for customers visiting its website. As a result of using the Maxymiser solution, Charles Tyrwhitt has experienced an increase in conversion rates by putting customers at the heart of its website development strategy.

To complement the re-launch of the company’s website, Charles Tyrwhitt decided to implement a multivariate testing solution that would enable the company to continually test and improve pages of the website. Following a competitive tender Charles Tyrwhitt selected Maxymiser based upon the quality of its multivariate testing platform MaxTESTTM, the added value consultancy services provided by the Maxymiser team, and the company’s proven track record in the retail industry.

Luke Kingsnorth, eCommerce Director at Charles Tyrwhitt explains, “Using Maxymiser’s conversion management suite we are now able to test proposed changes to the website before they are rolled out, in order to see if what we think is a positive change does actually help to boost conversions. As a primarily online business an effective website is key to our success and we used to spend a lot of time debating internally about what changes we thought would have a positive impact. Using multivariate testing removes these subjective debates, as the reports and dashboards provide detailed results that enable us to clearly see which design and content layouts work best.”

Kingsnorth concludes, “A key benefit of the Maxymiser offering is the skills and knowledge that their consultants bring to our business. By tapping into their expertise and experiences of running tests with other retail clients, and combining that with our own knowledge, we are able to create a broad array of tests which help us understand how our customers navigate and behave on our website. We can then analyse the results of tests together before implementing winning content based on scientific results.”

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager of Maxymiser, comments, “For online retailers, multivariate testing is crucial if they are to gain an accurate picture of what works and what doesn’t for their customers. As Charles Tyrwhitt understands, the risks of making the wrong changes can be disastrous, so by continually testing designs and layouts they can ensure that the correct content is always displayed, encouraging customers to make a purchase and thereby maximising the company’s online revenues.”