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Carphone Warehouse online arm uses web content optimisation software to improve user experience and drive online sales, an online trading division of The Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s biggest mobile phone retailer, is deploying new content optimisation technology from Maxymiser on its website. The technology enables to trial different combinations of content and design on its website, providing clear statistical proof of which combinations are most successful in improving click-through and increasing sales.

As part of The Carphone Warehouse, offers an extensive range of handsets and tariffs across all major networks. The website has been in operation since 1999 and delivered over 200,000 orders last year alone. Commenting on the partnership with Maxymiser, Liz Archer, Senior Manager Brand Marketing, at, says, “With Maxymiser’s content optimisation software we will be able to offer an even more enhanced customer experience on our website. The technology will enable the tailoring of special offers to different consumers, improving the up-sell process by presenting relevant accessories to our various consumer segments.”

Archer comments, “As the mobile phone industry has expanded it is becoming increasingly important to be able to present content of interest rather than expect the consumer to wade through literally thousands of offers, phones and accessories. We have recently reviewed our website; however we recognised that to maximise the ROI of the traffic we drive, we needed to continually change it. Many of our customers return to the site after the initial purchase with higher expectations and it is to these consumers that we need to present the best possible content. Maxymiser’s content optimisation allows us to do this as it monitors online activity in real-time and presents content as appropriate.”

Archer continues, “Our intention is to multivariate test the shopping cart process as this will enable us to categorically see the impact of the optimisation on our bottom line. We chose to multivariate test as it enables us to test a vast amount of content over the shortest time period, and see the changes straight away. Additionally, due to the high security requirements of this process we will be able to reassure consumers of the safety of our site whilst optimising the checkout experience.”

As the market leader in content optimisation technology, Maxymiser is unique in providing organisations with a proven solution to increase the effectiveness of their website content and design. Based on clear statistical proof about which combinations of content and design work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers, Maxymiser enables website owners to refine their websites in real-time to capitalise on strong performing features and remove the less successful elements.

Archer concludes, “Maxymiser technology presented us with a unique opportunity to reach and interact with new and existing customers, which is essential in our market. Too often content intelligence techniques such as multivariate testing and behavioural targeting are a drain on our internal staffing resources and mostly achieve minimal results. However, by working with Maxymiser we are not only seeing the effect of multivariate testing on our customer’s online experience but also on bottom line results.”

About Maxymiser

Maxymiser Onsite Marketing enables organisations to manage their conversion metrics and increase the effectiveness of any website’s content and design to deliver key metrics such as sales and click through rates. Maxymiser gives clear statistical proof of what content and designs work most successfully in converting site visitors and those which fail to do so, enabling marketers to refine content and design to deliver increasing ROI. Maxymiser’s solutions include Content MVT for multivariate testing, Content Delta for advanced visitor segmentation and Content BT for onsite behavioural targeting. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is the leading European provider of Onsite Marketing solutions, serving over 60 clients and partnering with many industry leading organisations.