more videos aims to generate £50million increase in revenue using Maxymiser

Conversion rate optimisation solution from Maxymiser will enable BuyitDirect to achieve a 50% increase in conversion rates

Internet retailer, one of the UK’s fastest growing companies specialising in the supply of IT products, services and home appliances, today announces its partnership with Maxymiser, the global leader of conversion rate optimisation solutions. By working with Maxymiser to implement a range of multivariate and A/B testing on its website, BuyitDirect is aiming to increase its conversion rate by 50% which would result in a £50million revenue increase for the company.

BuyitDirect owns and operates a number of websites including and, together with white label sites such as BHS direct and Debenhams Extra. Over recent years the company has experienced rapid growth, and today receives over 100,000 page views per day generating around £100million in revenue per year. By working with Maxymiser, BuyitDirect is able to measure live visitor responses to different variations of web content to determine which combinations have the most positive impact on conversion rates.

Nick Glynne, Managing Director of BuyitDirect, explains, “For every bit of traffic that lands on our site, we need to make sure we’re not wasting it, and that we are doing our best to convert each individual visitor into a paying customer. Prior to working with Maxymiser, we were making decisions about content based on personal preferences and gut feel. We did look at implementing Google’s free tool, but we could see that it would take a lot of technical knowledge and staff resource for it to work effectively, which we didn’t have in-house.”

Glynne continues, “There were two key reasons why we selected Maxymiser. Firstly, their solution was very effective and very elegant. When the team demonstrated its capabilities to us I could really see the benefits of making decisions about content and layout based on scientific evidence. Secondly, Maxymiser provides a service not just the solution, which was a key differentiator for us. As part of this service the team really helped us by suggesting what tests to run on which pages and also offered expertise and knowledge that we can utilise to further enhance the process. Working with Maxymiser could double our current conversion rate, leading to additional revenue of £50million – so we are very excited about the new partnership.”

Wayne Morris, UK General Manager at Maxymiser concludes, “ is a great example of how multivariate testing can benefit all types of online retailers. Typically, BuyitDirect’s customers have a high average order value due to the nature of the products they are buying – you don’t buy a new TV or laptop every week! As such, it is crucial that every visitor to the site sees information, images and prices that are correctly laid out to encourage a purchase. Now that BuyitDirect is making content decisions based on science rather than gut feel this will have a very positive impact on their overall conversion rates.”