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Aurora Fashions Selects Maxymiser to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Maxymiser’s conversion management solutions will help determine best performing content on websites of Karen Millen, Oasis and Coast.

Aurora Fashions (Aurora), the group that owns some of the UK’s most respected high-end women’s brands  – including Karen Millen, Oasis and Coast  – has partnered with online conversion management expert, Maxymiser, to drive web sales and boost its online presence.

Using Maxymiser’s conversion management solutions, Aurora Fashions will be trialling different web page layouts, sequences and content across the websites of Karen Millen, Oasis and Coast, in order to determine which content has the most positive effect in improving conversion performance.

As Julien Shirley, Head of E-Commerce at Aurora Fashions explains, “At Aurora, we are looking to enhance our online presence in order to provide our customers with the best possible service whilst also driving our e-commerce revenues. By using Maxymiser’s conversion management solutions we will now be able to see a direct correlation between website content and performance. ”

Shirley continues, “Maxymiser have a proven technology platform with a core proposition based around making the most of the traffic we already have visiting our websites rather than focusing on customer acquisition. We are aligned with this approach and as a result have broadened our focus from traffic generation campaigns to include customer retention marketing.”

Initially Aurora will be testing four different areas of the websites with Maxymiser in order to try and optimise the entire shopping journey. This will begin with a test on the category page to establish whether the specific category links or the innovative Fitting Room application  – currently available on the Coast and Karen Millen sites  – are more successful at driving traffic from the homepage through to individual product pages.

Simultaneously, Aurora will also be running tests on the product page  – where the focus will be on understanding which elements of the diverse styles and formats currently used are most successful in generating larger basket sizes per visit; the shopping bag page  – where the tests will look to understand how content can impact on consumer perceptions of site security and a brand’s ability to cross sell; and the registrations page  – where the best format to drive consumers through the final stage of this process will be examined.

About Maxymiser

Maxymiser Onsite Marketing enables organisations to manage their conversion metrics and increase the effectiveness of any website’s content and design to deliver key metrics such as sales and click through rates. Maxymiser gives clear statistical proof of what content and designs work most successfully in converting site visitors and those which fail to do so, enabling marketers to refine content and design to deliver increased conversion rates. Maxymiser’s solutions include Content MVT for multivariate testing, Content Delta for advanced visitor segmentation and Content BT for onsite behavioural targeting. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is the leading European provider of Onsite Marketing solutions, serving over 60 clients and partnering with many industry leading organisations to increase conversion rate.