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ASDA Achieves 19% Bounce Rate Reduction Using Maxymiser

Maxymiser’s Conversion Management solutions enable ASDA to refine web content and design based on real customer behaviour rather than guesswork

ASDA has partnered with Maxymiser to decrease its onsite bounce rates (exits from this page) and determine which web content is most effective at converting visitors based on live customer data. Using Maxymiser’s conversion management solutions, ASDA is now able to make informed decisions about its website strategy, using real customer behaviour to drive ongoing, iterative web improvements which continually hone its customers’ online experience.

Chris Dalrymple, Online Marketing Manager at ASDA says, “Maxymiser’s combination of expertise in implementing content testing campaigns and strong technology gives us clear proof of what website content works and what doesn’t. Through their managed service offering we are now able to test out thousands of different variations in a live environment and we can also analyse the results in real time, whereas previously this process would have taken weeks.”

Dalrymple continues, “By making small and subtle changes to our website we have already seen that this can have a huge impact on our customers’ ability to find what they’re looking for. This is a level of detail that we’ve never previously had access to whereas now we can use Maxymiser’s analysis tool to look at changes that we know drive conversion uplift. ”

The homepage contains a large number of offers and calls to action. Multivariate testing was selected as the most effective means of scientifically measuring the impact of homepage offers, content and layout on visitor response. Multiple page layouts were designed, approved by ASDA and tested with live visitors. Response was then measured in terms of bounce rate and click throughs on individual offers and product areas. ASDA’s winning homepage decreased customer bounce rate by 19% Maxymiser was also able to provide full visibility on the impact of the new layout on clicks to each individual area of the page.

Dalrymple explains, “Our website is the most powerful shop window we have, so we can’t afford to take a hit and miss approach to the design and navigation of the site if we are to provide our customers with the best shopping experience. Maxymiser is easy to use and with the level of insight and potential refinements they provide for each test, we have already seen great results in our initial tests.

Commenting on the decision to work with Maxymiser, Dalrymple says, “We are continually looking to make visiting a better experience for customers, and this is exactly what Maxymiser enables us to do. They listened to our requirements and worked closely with us to ensure that all our needs were fulfilled. As a result of their knowledge and experience, we are confident that we are taking the site in the right direction.”

Mark Simpson, Founder and Managing Director of Maxymiser, says, “We are very pleased to be supporting ASDA with their web development strategy and providing them with our conversion management solutions. Since working with us, ASDA has already been able to drive significantly more visitors deeper into the site and generate a better ROI on media spend. Being innovative needn’t mean making radical or costly changes. It’s about paying more attention to the detail of how customers navigate and behave on your website, and then responding with enhancements that can be delivered quickly – without having to wait for the next development cycle. This is exactly what we are helping ASDA to achieve on their website.”

Following the success of the initial tests ASDA has expanded its multivariate testing across the site starting with its Financial Services team, who are currently in the midst of a series of ongoing tests, and is investigating the possibility of introducing testing on the basis of referral – offering customers different content depending on how they arrived at the site.