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Alliance and Leicester

Alliance & Leicester, part of the Santander Group, engages Maxymiser to increase online performance by proactively managing conversion rate onsite. Commenting on Maxymiser’s work, Matt Douglas, Senior eMarketing Manager at Alliance & Leicester remarked:

“We are continually looking for ways to improve the sales conversion on our site and Maxymiser gives us the ability to try new ideas without risking what we’ve achieved so far. With a high volume of visitors and a wide range of financial products to market, it is imperative that we make good use of homepage real estate and effectively convert visitors once they enter our site.

Live visitor testing with Maxymiser allows us to test multiple variations of our homepage to determine the approach that best converts our customers. We benefit from full visibility of the impact that changes have on customer response and product sales across our portfolio. This enables us to respond quickly to fast changing customer demands with the offers and content that we know will be most successful at achieving our online acquisition goals.

Testing takes the emotion out of website improvement, it tells us exactly what content and layout appeals to our customers and what doesn’t. By continually testing and making improvements, we have successfully established a process of continual improvement in conversion rate enabling us to reach our performance goals online. Maxymiser’s technology integrated seamlessly alongside ours and the team behind their full service offer have been invaluable in guiding us towards the most profitable areas to focus on and the variations to test within those.

Deeper into our site, adopting a ‘test and improve’ methodology in our product pages and application forms ensure that we are serving our customers effectively by adopting the content and layout proven to be most successful at increasing form completions and successful applications.

It is vital that we continue to innovate and improve online to stay ahead of our competition and Maxymiser is a very important part of that strategy. The uplift generated by Maxymiser has delivered us millions of pounds in additional revenue.”