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  • Taming the Fickle Financial Services Customer

    May 26, 2011 By Mark Simpson

    Last week Maxymiser US hit the road for our second big trade show of the year in the Windy City. Net.Finance is one of the biggest shows for financial services marketers, and though I was very tempted to roam the streets of Chicago with my new DSLR camera, it was fun to rub elbows with [...]

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  • Why You Should Segment by Recency and Seasonality in Ecommerce

    May 12, 2011 By Mark Simpson

    In a recent post, Brad Weitz, our Director of Client Services,  wrote about segmentation strategies based on click-behavior. Now it’s time to move past click behavior and ramp up your segmentation strategies based on buying behavior! The time a consumer comes to your site and the season play a huge role on not just click behavior, but [...]

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  • A Vanilla Website Is the Worst Flavor of All

    May 10, 2011 By Mark Simpson

    With warm weather arriving, the ice cream trucks that pop on every corner here in New York have it pretty easy when it comes to offering consumers value:  All it takes is a nice cone of vanilla—maybe with some sprinkles thrown in—to make people happy.  But where vanilla might be all the flavor people need [...]

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